• Album Spotlight: Intuit by Ramona Falls

    Former member of Menomena had a side project that caused him to leave the band. "Intuit" is the album that started it all.

TME Favorite Albums of 2013: #10-1

Next Page:  List of #11-15 10.  Portugal The Man – Evil Friends Not a huge fan of the last few albums.  PTM put out albums so often there is going to be a few that you really connect with and a few that you don’t.  This is a little more accessible to the average fan.  … Continue reading


TME Favorite Albums of 2013: #11-15

                                                                                                                  … Continue reading


TME Favorite Albums of 2013: #16-20

Next Page:  List of #11-15                                                                                                     … Continue reading


TME Favorite Albums of 2013: #21-25

Next Page:  List of #16-20 25.  Jon Gomm – Secrets Nobody Keeps Jon is pretty amazing.  He does things with his acoustic guitar most could only dream of doing.  If you don’t believe me check out the YouTube video _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 24.  Iron & Wine – Ghost on Ghost This is the most enjoyable Iron & … Continue reading


If You Like Mew Then Check Out This Album

JazzKamikaze – Supersonic Revolutions When listening to “Supersonic Revolutions” you will hear a heavy Mew influence.  With both bands being from Denmark the influence makes sense as Mew is one of the most popular bands in Denmark.  The more surprising aspect of the album is that the music that preceded was all instrumental.  Their couple … Continue reading


If You Like The National Then Check These Guys Out…

If you like The National then you might be interested in hearing the band NO.  There is no similarity more apparent than the vocals sounding close to what you hear from, Matt Berninger, of The National.  There are people who are turned off by a band sounding very similar to other popular bands.  Others really … Continue reading

Band Genealogy: The Black Keys

Band members tend to work on other projects when they are not touring or recording.  Most of the super groups that are formed get a lot of publicity.  Smaller projects tend to get over looked.  If one of your favorite artists is doing work on the side, chances are you would like to know about … Continue reading


B-Sides, Unreleased, & Rarities: Band of Horses

Georgia  – This is a single that BOH did.  It is a cover of the Cee Lo Green song “Georgia.”  The song features the University of Georgia marching band Desperascoe – Infinite Arms Itunes Bonus Track Unreleased Demo from 2004.  They went by the name of “Horses” back then. Snow Song  (Became “The Snow Fall) … Continue reading

Music Around the World: Australia

Australia With bigger bands like AC/DC, INXS, Jet, and the new breakout Gotye the land down under has provided us with great listening enjoyment.  There are lesser known bands out of Australia you should know about as well.  The following give you a just a taste of the Australian music scene has to offer: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ … Continue reading

Local Natives

Local Natives Going National

I was having a conversation with my cousin a couple years back about this little known band I was really into.  They had a couple of really good songs and I told him that I thought they would blow up soon.  I said the name “Local Natives” to him and he said “yea that song … Continue reading


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