Artist Spotlight: U.S. Royalty

John Thornley, his brother Paul Thornley, Jacob Michael, and Luke Adams joined together in 2008 to form the band U.S. Royalty in Washington DC.  Their music has no specific regional influence though.  Their tracks have rock influences that spread from coast to coast and from generation to generation.  On their debut full length album just released this January, Mirrors, the tracks don’t get stale.  They keep the album fresh by changing styles and incorporating multiple styles within the rock genre ranging from early 60’s and 70’s influenced rock to more modern rock/indie.

The highlight song from the album, Equestrian, is the first single from their recent album.  Equestrian is more of a modern rock song sounding like another up-and-coming artist, Local Natives.  This is definitely a band that will appeal to rock enthusiasts who like artists that are not married to one sound.  Listen


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