Artist Spotlight: The Unwinding Hours

In the first decade of this century, Aereogramme, put out four very solid releases. One of those releases, “My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go”, was one of the best post-rock releases of the decade. Unfortunately, in 2007 they decided to disband and go their separate ways.

In 2009, Craig B. and Iain Cook, Aereogramme’s former lead singer and guitarist started a new project, The Unwinding Hours. They released their self titled debut album, “The Unwinding Hours”, in February of 2010. The sound on the new album is a familiar one.  Craig B. lyrics and voice have not changed much and Iain’s guitar work has the same simple atmospheric feel.

The biggest difference is the sound is a little slower. Aereogramme had a heavier edge to their sound even on their later albums. The Unwinding Hours stick with a more dreamy atmospheric alternative rock sound that at times can get heavy, but stays on the quieter side.  In their former band the format was to build from a quiet opening and burst into an emotional barrage to finish off the song.  On “The Unwinding Hours” the start of quiet and decide to stay there most of the time.  Any fan of Aereogramme will definitely enjoy the music being created by The Unwinding Hours.  Listen


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