Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee Part II Review

It’s 2011 and Adam Yauch (MCA), Adam Horowitz (Adrock), and Michael Diamond (Mike D) have come out with another studio album. It’s also their first new disc that I’ve purchased since Ill Communication. Even in the age of the internet, often times things that I’d be interested in slip through my fingers until I seek them out, and that about sums up how I heard about this album.

Perusing twitter one day (, I came across a link to the upcoming single “Make Some Noise” and I gave it a listen. I was really taken aback by how fresh it sounded. A music reviewer described it as sounding like Old School Beastie Boys…but I couldn’t agree. I consider old school to be the Check Your Head days. It had a very compressed sound. The B-boys definitely had a sound to all of their records and this one is no different. Instead of the faux record sounding recording style of Ill Communication, or the very cool sounding songs of Check Your Head (while playing their instruments on both), it has a very distorted sound that just sounds awesome and new.

There are a great many highlight tracks on this album, not the least of which is the first single. Nas even makes a cameo on the track “Too Many Rappers.” I was very happy that there was only a single instrumental track, perhaps they got that out of their system with their instrumental album? I really loved that there is quite a lot of their signature witty and irreverent rhymes (“Nonstop Disco Powerpack” anyone?) My favorite line was in “Make Some Noise” by MCA: “Pass me the scalpel and I’ll make an incision, I’ll cut out the part your brain that does the bitichin’.”

So many times when a band has been around for so very long, they become a parody of themselves and the Beastie Boys, even with their long layoff and internal problems, they came back with a powerhouse record that hasn’t made it out of my car long enough to be put into the MP3 files on my desktop PC. I’m not going to say this is the best record they’ve ever done, but it is surely a great disc that any fan of the Beastie Boys and hip hop in general should have.

Nik Cameron


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