Album Spotlight

Young The Giant by Young the Giant

Young the Giant is an alternative rock band out of California.  The song “My Body” has garnered some attention, but Young the Giant is still a band that is new and relatively unknown by most general music fans.  Their self titled debut album never gets to high and never gets too low.  They do show some emotion, but it never gets to the point where they are screaming at you and when they slow it down they don’t bore you to death.

Lead vocalist Sameer Gadhia’s voice stands out not because it is high pitched or has any other eccentric traits, but because he uses it the correct way.  He doesn’t try to do anything so out of the box that you are wondering why would they try that song.  As Tall as Lions and Margot and the Nuclear So So’s when listening to this band.  They don’t exactly sound the same, but have similar styles.

“My Body” and “Apartment” are good songs to start with.  If you like those this is an album worth picking up.

Gene 7/20/11


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