Artist Spotlight: Black Dub

Black Dub

Black Dub is a relatively new soul project formed by Daniel Lanios.  The band consists of  Daniel Lanois, Trixie Whitley, Brian Blade, Daryl Johnson.  They are talented enough to record most of their music live with one take.  Many of the songs on their first album, Black Dub, were recorded in this manner.

Lanois is famous for producing albums for artists such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Peter Gabriel, Willie Nelson, and Brian Eno.  Lanois is no stranger to the Grammy’s producing 3 album of the year winners as well as 4 other nominations.  It is no surprise then when he forms a group to play with him that they would all have talent.

Even though Lanois has the status of legend behind his name vocalist Trixie Whitley steals the show.  Her monstrous voice presents the raw emotion needed for a good soul singer.  Her ability is up there with current female vocalists Joss Stone and Adele.  With Black Dub, Lanois writes songs that have a darker tone to them.  Trixie is able to take her powerful voice and produce a feel of hurting, but at the same time hope.

Black Dub can be described as Jamaican soul music and at times they will jam out and showcase their talents.  Definitely a combination not overheard and it is an enjoyable listen.

-Gene  7/26/11


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