Artist Spotlight: Jeudah


The first band that I think of when I hear Jeudah is Hundred Year Storm.  They have a similar alt rock sound that has been influenced by post rock.  If you are familiar with the post rock band Khoma you may be interested in Jeudah.  Khoma’s lead vocalist Jan Jamte joined forces with pg.lost’s Kristian Karlsoon to form this melodic supertandem side project.

Limiting the guitar they create sprawling soundscapes using different instruments.  The vocals fit perfectly with the atmosphere created by the two.  It is not heavy music, but does have heavy parts.  It is not too “post rocky,” but it does have post rock elements.  It is not guitar driven, but guitars do appear.  Ultimately, they have intelligently incorporated several different sounds to cross musical genres and not get stuck with any labels.


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