Driving Stick: A Look Inside My Crazy CD Habits…

Driving Stick: A Look Inside My Crazy CD Habits…

Please allow me the pleasure of telling you the most commonly uttered phrase in my house… “You just got a new CD.” My wife didn’t know me when I was younger when I lived in Tower Grove South, St. Louis. I spent way too much time at Streetside Records and talking with Tory Z. Starbuck. Yes times have changed, but I haven’t. Instead of hanging out that record store, I now troll Amazon.com for music… anyway…so I had a bit of cash earmarked for CDs and I spent every penny of it. Now, enjoy a peak into my new music…

MC Chris MC Chris Is Dead (2008) I have long loved MC Chris and his nerd core awesomeness. I finally picked up one of his full length CDs after loving Life’s a Bitch and I’m Her Pimp for years. The only thing on this album that’s better than the songs on this one, are the skits. MC’s finally getting some love in the mainstream…with Fett’s Vette Zack and Miri soundtrack and Hoodie Ninja in a Civic commercial. If you like hip hop at all, get this CD. Notable Tracks: Hoodie Ninja, Pizza Butt, Metaphor

Black Diamond Heavies Every Damn Time (2007) I saw this duo back in 2008 on a date with my wife, then girlfriend and her parents actually, at the Schlafly Tap Room and I still have the hip flask they gave away. They have a piano player/vocalist and a drummer. Have you ever heard a Rhodes electric piano through an over drive circuit? No? Get this CD and their other two. They are just an amazing band and very unique. When you see your rear view mirror shaking to this disc, you’ll get it. Notable Tracks: Leave It In The Road, Let Me Coco

Gorillaz Eponymous (2001) I picked up this one because of Clint Eastwood. That is such a great song. I never bought this CD because it felt like it was a one hit wonder…my loyalties to Del Tha Funkee Homosapien notwithstanding. Unfortunately, I was right. I turned the album off about halfway through it. Maybe, like the Flobots disc, it needs another go round. Notable Tracks: Clint Eastwood

Beck Odelay (1996) Truth time. I purchased this album because Beck was awesome on the episode of Futurama he did. I have never really cared much for Beck, but seeing him on that episode, his sense of humor and such, it made me want to have a couple of his tracks on my MP3 player (read Android Phone). Since I got it on the cheap, it’s worth it for that. Notable Tracks: Devil’s Haircut, Where It’s At

Red Hot Chili Peppers What Hits? (1992) I had to purchase this one again. After my divorce, I had to sell off lots of CDs I’d like to have back. This collection sums up the Chili Peppers’ work till One Hot Minute very nicely to me. If you’re not going to buy everything they’ve ever done, this will give you a great overview of their prehistoric era. Notable Tracks: Higher Ground, Knock Me Down, Fight Like a Brave

The Lonely Island Incredibad (2009) I admit, I didn’t watch SNL for a few years and missed out on the beginning of this group. Well, after we started watching SNL on DVR, I found out who these guys are and if you’re a fan of any kind of funny things…you should own this. Just know, it’s not for the kids…very raunchy stuff…it’s just bleeped out nicely on the show, but for the CD, it’s explicit as all hell. Notable Tracks: I’m On A Boat, Lazy Sunday, D**k In A Box

Cake Fashion Nugget (1996) Here and there I’d been hearing Cake again. I’ve even tried singing The Distance at karaoke, and failed it mightily. They’re like a raging death metal band…great for a track or two at a time, but the songs are great, just in a vacuum. Listening to this album, I keep thinking of beat poets…or maybe that’s just “So I Married An Axe Murderer” creeping into my head… Notable Tracks: The Distance, I Will Survive, Race Car Ya-Yas

The Book of Mormon Original Cast Recording (2011) After I saw Spamalot, I began to see what all the fuss was about with show tunes. I admit it. I personally will only buy Tony Awarding winning shows that drop the F Bomb….Trey Parker and Matt Stone along with the producer of Ave Q definitely delivered on this! This album is wonderful as a show and as an album. The songs are big and full…and packed with high comedy. Just remember this is offensive…consider the source…. Notable Tracks: Hasa Diga Eebowai, Making Things Up Again, Joseph Smith American Moses

Flobots Survival Story (2010) I loved Fight With Tools. That is one of the best albums I bought this year, so I was very excited to get the follow up. What I found is a different album in all facets. The high minded wordplay is missing. The jazzy feel has been amped up to the Nth degree and Johnny 5 has taken more of a team role instead of the leader. I need to listen to this CD some more to truly get a better feel for it…but it didn’t grab me like their last record. Notable Tracks: Cracks In The Surface, White Flat Warrior, Panacea For The Poison

So, there you have it. What’s really sad is that I bought about 6 other CDs during the time I was writing this piece. It’s amazing how quickly an expansive 16 GB memory card turns into “I think I’d better get that 32GB card.” I am just a consumer of music. I’m always wanting if I don’t have two or three CDs on order.

Nik Cameron


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