Side Project Alert: Crosses with Chino Moreno


Chino Moreno is the lead singer for the metal band Deftones.  Shaun Lopez is the guitarist for the alternative band Far.  They decided to get together along with Chuck Doom and form a sort of supergroup.  Chino has done a few side projects in the past that have received great praise.  Team Sleep was a departure from the heaviness of Deftones, but they were able to keep the emotion of Chino’s voice.  Crosses achieves the same thing.  It has more of an electronic feel to it.  Think more of a Nine Inch Nails sound.  The mood is much more chill, but you still get that same unique voice.  The aggression is replaced with more singing and crooning.

The best thing about this new project is they have released a five song EP and you can download it for free.  Keep your eye out for a new LP from Crosses, but for now enjoy a couple free tracks by clicking here.


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