Music from Norway: Thomas Dybdahl

Our next stop around the world is Norway. Bands such as Royksopp, Mayhem, and a-ha have made it big from Norway. The country has much more to offer and we will bring you some artists worth checking out.

Thomas Dybdahl

Hometown:   Sandnes

Label:  Norway: 1MicAdventure/Universal    —    Denmark: Sony Music    —      Rest of world: Strange Cargo/Universal

Genre:  Singer/Songwriter

Sub Genres:  Folk

Vocal style:   Soft, Laid back, Rangy

In his words:  “I’ve taken an eclectic approach,” Dybdahl says. “I’ve sought to draw influences from the whole spectrum of music — not only from songwriters and singers but also from contemporary and classical music. I am always trying to infuse my work with all these different influences so that I don’t limit myself, or listeners, to the notion of being just another guy with a guitar.”

Similar bands/artists: Ray Lamontagne, Jeff Buckley


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