Gone But Not Forgotten: Clann Zu

Clann Zu

For a couple brilliant full length albums and EPs Clann Zu injected the rock music world with something unique in the early part of the this century.  Clann Zu blended an eclectic mix of Celtic folk, classical, electronica,  and post rock perfectly.  With the rap rock genre winding down in the popular culture this new form of rock was generating through theindie world.  Vocalist, Declan DeBerra, originally from Ireland, moved west and joined forces with a couple musicians from Australia  They began constructing a new sound that made waves through the underground scene, but never was able to make its way into the mainstream.

Clann Zu released two full length albums.  “Rua” came out in 2003 and “Black Coats and Bandages” was released in 2004.  Unfortunately in 2005 the band decided to call it quits.  Clann Zu is finished, but the bandmates are still making music:

Declan DeBerra has a solo career and has released two albums

Benjamin and Liam Andrews formed the band My Disco

Russell Fawcus joined the band The Black Hundred and has also worked on several other bands albums


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