First impressions volume II: Thrice, Dream Theater, Opeth, Mastodon

The past couple of weeks we have had some new releases from some pretty good heavier bands.  I have listened a little bit to each of them and give my initial thoughts about each.

Thrice – Major/Minor

I am a fan of later Thrice records more than their earlier works.  I have a real I opinion of their last album “Beggers” so I was expecting quite a bit from this album.    I like the sound of the record.    It is definitely an extension of the sound that we heard on “Beggers.”  The one thing is I haven’t heard any real catchy songs like the last record.  With no real stand out songs that I have heard yet this one is not going to be ranked above “Beggers” yet.

Dream Theater – A Dramatic Turn of Events

I will admit DT is hit and miss with me.  I hear much more keyboard influence than I have over the past few albums.   Seems like they have gone back to some of their older sound.  Really like the song “Build Me Up, Break Me Down.”

Mastodon – The Hunter

After taking a little less heavy direction on Crack the Skye I am ready to hear any new directions Mastodon has taken.    It seems to be a groovier and more enjoyable listen.  Not all the songs have the same sound and they seem to have experimented a bit.  I can’t wait to listen to this a couple more times.  This is going to appeal to more than just Mastodon fans.

Opeth – Heritage

When I heard they were going to do more of a 70’s prog style and lose the death vox I was intrigued.  Opeth is good in small doses, but I really did enjoy Damnation so when I heard Akerfeldt would be singing I couldn’t wait to hear.  First impression though is it is really boring.  Doesn’t seem inspired which is really surprising since they seemed to have a goal with this album.  Going to have to give a few more listens to see if it grows on me.

Gene Buescher


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