Acoustic Performance by Hurt at the Duck Room

I got a chance to check out Hurt play an acoustic show at the famous Duck Room in St. Louis.  It was such a great experience, and I suggest anyone who is a fan of Hurt go see this tour.  Sometimes it is so refreshing to see an artist go out of the box and do something a little different.  By their own admission they were not sure how this show was going to sound, but they pulled it off quite nicely.    Accompanied by Patrice Jackson-Tilghman on the cello, Hurt made the transition perfectly.  Since many of their songs already use acoustic type guitar parts the transition was seamless.

Michael Roberts was great plucking away at his guitar followed by his guitar pick pitch to the crowd when he needed to switch to finger style.  But the show was stolen by J. Loren.  He played guitar, switched to violin several times, all while belting out tunes in his signature fashion.  The great thing about an up close and personal acoustic show like this one is that you could see the emotion on J. Loren’s face while performing.  He puts everything into his shows and his intensity did not go unnoticed.  The set list included songs from Hurt’s entire career and they performed most fan favorites.  All in all a great night with a great band who had the guts to do something different.  If they come to your city on this acoustic tour be sure to check them out.


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