A night with City and Colour

I wasn’t sure what I was going to get when I went to see City and Colour.  In my head I was thinking will this be a real chill one man guitar concert, or is it going to be more of a band driven show focused more on how their latest album sounds.  It turns out I had the pleasure of witnessing both.

City and Colour’s older material is mostly Dallas Green plucking away at his guitar singing in a slow folky style.  The newer material has progressed to more of a band-type, sounding like something you hear from My Morning Jacket or Band of Horses.  They opened up with the new material, jamming out a bit.  In the middle of the show the band went away and we had a nice intimate set with just Dallas.  He joked, he sang, and he let the crowd interact.  The hardcore fans really enjoyed the one man show…almost too much.

Note to fans at a show that is quieter in nature:  Quit yelling “I love you” and cheesy shit like that.  We did not gather together to hear you yell while we try to hear.  No point in yelling and then high-fiving your buddy because you finally have the courage from a few brews.

It is apparent why the building was packed.  Dallas Green has the makings of a star.  He is hilarious on the mic, he interacts great with the crowd, and his voice is pretty much exact from his recordings.  Alexisonfire was popular, but like so many other hardcore singers are finding the hard way, you can only sing like that for so long.  Your fan base grows up and your voice goes out.  This was a good career move for Green and he is going to be even bigger because of it.

If City and Colour come through your town don’t hesitate to check them out!

Gene  11/18


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