The Urge Back Together Again In St. Louis

The Urge is the one band that came out of St. Louis that is able to unify all music lovers in the town.  I am 31 and almost anyone around my age has not only heard of the Urge, but they have probably seen them play a show somewhere.  I still remember being in high school standing in line at Mississippi Nights (man I wish this place was still around) hoping to get into the show.  The line was hundreds deep, bent around the corner and it was cold, but it didn’t matter to any of us.  We had to get into that show.  It was the Urge and I needed to hear them play “Gettin Hectic.”  That particular show I did not get into.  I was only 17 and didn’t have a fake ID so the big boys got to go in before the under age kids.

I did get to see them soon after that and loved every minute of the show.  The energy they bring and the catchiness of every one of their songs makes it a must see.  The Urge broke up early last decade and it was a pretty sad time for the St. Louis music scene.  Fortunately, every Christmas they would come together and play a few holiday shows at the famous Pageant in the Delmar Loop.  There was nothing better than heading down to the Pageant and finishing the day off with a couple of the Urge songs pounding through your chest after a day of eating and visiting with family on Christmas.  Then those shows stopped and the Urge fix was gone.  All we were left with was a couple of the members joined to form a great cover band “Joe Dirt and the Dirty Boys.”  They don’t play Urge songs, but if you live in the St. Louis area I suggest you go see a show.  They dress up in old hairband style garb and rock the joint to its core.

Needless to say, when I heard that The Urge was getting back together I was super excited.   The Pageant booked them for a couple of shows so getting tickets was a little easier than if it was just one show.  The anticipation for me the whole week leading up to the show was so great I could hardly think of anything else.  The day came upon us, the band came out of the back, and the first note finally played.  As soon as singer Steve Ewing belted out his first line the crowd bursted out straining their own vocal cords.   It is a thing of beauty when everyone in a building knows every word to every song and joins in on the fun.  That’s what this band did to the town.  It brought together all kinds of music fans and we had a band of our own to brag about.

The Urge haven’t skipped a beat.  Everyone still bounces around on stage with the same energy they had 10-20 years ago.  Steve Ewing hasn’t lost anything in his voice.  The set list included pretty much all the songs from “Receiving the Gift of Flavor” and “Too Much Stereo.”  The only complaint was I was not close enough and there were so many people there I couldn’t see as well as I’d have liked.  Doesn’t matter, because I think I was singing crazily with my eyes closed half the time.  In the end they played over an hour and a half of balls to the walls rock.  I definitely left sweaty and fulfilled.

Thank you to all the members of the Urge and the Pageant for a great night!  Play that Mother F***in Urge Shit!

12/2/11  Gene


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