TME’s Favorite Albums of 2011: #25-20

25.  Moving Mountains – Waves

A couple years ago “Pneuma” was a top 5 album.  This time around the change in sound did not quite produce the same standout album. Solid effort and the new direction will be a plus for anyone who likes Thrice and is looking for something similar.


24.  Trivium – In Waves

Trivium comes back with another album where they refuse to let people stick them into one genre.  Switching back and forth between heavy, super heavy, and not really heavy gives this album a bit of inconsistency.  A good effort by Trivium, but the lack of direction puts this lower on the list than I initially hoped it would.  At least they produced an album worth of making the list which is more than I can say for Opeth.


23.  The Milk Carton Kids – Prolouge

This folk record is true Americana.  Good songwriting combined with sweet harmonized voices make for a relaxing and enjoyable listen.  A great effort from a band who have not had enough publicity.  This album is available for free download on their website.  Click here to get it.


22.  Friendly Fires – Pala

Though not as good as their debut self titled album “Pala” still manages to get the toes tapping.  Packed with electro pop hooks this blast from the past takes us back to 1980’s new wave.  If the Friendly Fires one intention was for the listener to have a fun they did their job.


21. Thomas Giles – Pulse

If you are a fan of the softer more melodic parts of Between the Buried and Me this may be for you.  Thomas Giles Rogers is the lead vocalist of BTBAM, and in this solo effort his focus is on singing instead of growling.  With the screaming stuffed away in the closet Giles is able to distance himself from the pure hardcore genre.  The combination of electronica, alternative rock, and Giles vocals positions this album in the top 25.


20. Beardfish – Mammoth

Beardfish released, Mammoth, their sixth full length album this year.  The heavy 70’s influenced prog rock is done almost to perfection.  The wide array of influences from that era are heard throughout the album.  Floyd, Genesis, Zappa are just a few you will hear when listening.  Every song on the album works and it keeps your interest the whole listen.  Not all prog rock albums have the ability to keep it interesting.


See #19-15


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