TME’s Favorite Albums of 2011: #14-10

14. Adele – 21

It is nice when the world of popular music has a rising star because of talent instead of because of the outfits they wear.  Adele has the pipes to be part of the opera, but she has decided to lend her talents to pop music.  Adele’s “21” was a highly anticipated album after the success of her award winning previous effort “19.”  The anticipation was well deserved.  Adele adds some pop flavor and the amount of standout singles make this album rise above most.  If you listen to the radio you probably have heard some of these songs over and over, but if not check it out.


13.  Boy & Bear – Moonfire

I was so excited for this because of how much I liked their EP.  Turns out it is a little different sound than the EP.  They lost a little of the Fleet Foxes sound and picked up a little Mumford &  Sons feel.  While Boy & Bear do not do anything groundbreaking, they do provide great harmonies and a set of 12 insanely catchy songs.  The only knock on this, keeping it out of the top ten, is the change in direction made them overproduce the album a bit.  The raw sound of their is missing on this album.


12.  Pain of Salvation – Road Salt II

This album is going to end up higher on my list as time goes on.  I just keep listening to it over and over.  POS has multiple personality disorder.  From album to album they give their fans something almost completely different.  This time around their 70’s prog rock  style works out well for them.  At times it’s melodic, at times its bluesy, then it will just straight up rock out.  Opeth tried the 70’s prog rock style this year about the same time.  That album was so boring I almost decided I was going to stop listening to music altogether.  This years list is full of artists that decided to change their approach and POS might be the band that did it best.


11.  Junius – Reports from the Threshold of Death

I read a couple of posters chastising others for saying that Junius reminded them of Deftones on “Reports on the Threshold of Death.” I could only think to myself what in the world do the posters hear.  The similarities to Deftones are so apparent it makes me wonder what puts people in such denial.  The emotional voice is layered over dark moody guitars much like Chino does in the Deftones.  I am not trying to imply that this is a bad sound.  This is a change in direction for Junius.  In the past they were a post rock band who sounded like they really missed the 80’s.  The rejuvenated sound has taken them out of the outdated post rock genre and placed them in a heavier doomier place.


10.  The Decemberists – The King is Dead

Colin Meloy and friends banded together once again to bless our ears with catchy indie rock tunes.  The band that looks like an Amish cult in the 1800’s doesn’t ever seem to disappoint.  At first listen I was not a big fan of this new offering.  After a few listens it really sunk in and I started to realize why I wasn’t into it at first.  The last two albums by them were more conceptual in nature.  “The King is Dead” is more a compilation of singles.  This is the formula that they started with and they show they definitely haven’t forgotten how to produce an album like this.  Back to the Picaresque and Her Majesty days The Decemberists prove they still have it.  Check out the song Rox in the Box.


See #19-15


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