Release Notes: 2012

Initial thoughts on albums that have come out this year.  Updates will appear as the albums are listened to more and feelings about them change.

Miike Snow – Happy To You


After a couple spins this record is growing on me.  At first I was not a huge fan.  I felt like it was missing something.  Their debut album was so good and had so many standout catchy songs I instantly liked it.  Happy To You has taken a little while to warm up to, but I am starting to like what I hear.  It is darker than their first album and a little different mood.  Once you get past the mood change the similarities start to show.  Standout songs are Pretender and The Wave.


Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls


I heard the first released single “Hold On” and instantly became a fan of Alabama Shakes.  Lead vocalist Brittany Howard is a future star.  She has a lot of soul in those pipes of hers.  They are definitely a throwback to 70’s rock soul fusion.  It is so raw and the emotion of the music really shines through.  I thought I would get bored with a who album in this style, but they seem to keep things upbeat and interesting.


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