Release Notes: Good Old War, Hurt

Good Old War – Come Back as Rain

Never a huge fan of Good Old War before, this album came as a big surprise.  I thought I would find it boring, but it turns out it is a really catchy album from start to finish.  All of the songs are very simple folk songs with a lot of repetition to them.  There is just something endearing about each song on the album.  My connection with the album has lead me to keep this on repeat for a while.


Hurt – The Crux

The problem with Hurt is the sound sometimes gets very generic radio rock at times.  Their sound didn’t really start out that way, but it has trended towards that.  This new album tends to keep with that theme at times.  Hurt decided to try to get a little heavier this time around.  That sounds like a good thing and a flash back to “Vol. I” days, but they way they produced it made it feel real generic.  If you go back and listen to songs like “Angel Eyes”, “Alone with the Sea”, “Talk to God” there seems to be such a passion behind these songs.  You really feel like these songs meant something to them.  I don’t get the chills when I listen to “The Crux” like I still do when I listen to “Vol II.”  Not a bad effort.  If all radio rock sounded like this I would actually tune in once in a while.


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