A Late Night Paper Route

Paper Route @ The Firebird in St. Louis, June 30th, 2012

The opener was a local band named Hope and Therapy.  The music was great, but the vocals didn’t really work.  It was sort of a progressive jam band like Beardfish with a female singer that seemed out of place.  I loved what guitarist, Chan Maurice Evans, played with his mathy proggy jams.

Hope Gains, lead vocalist, did not seem to be able to get to high and her emotion was kind of bland.  I need to go out and see a local show where they headline to give them another chance.

Hope and Therapy finished up their quick set and up next was Paper Route.  A quick set is always appreciated so I am not standing there bored out of my mind.

They started out with probably their most popular son, Carousel.  I would have like to see that saved for later just for a tease factor.  When you play a song everyone likes it feels like they want to get it out of the way.  There is no tease factor which makes concerts so enjoyable.  You sit there thinking are they going to play my favorite song?  What if they don’t.  Do I rush the stage and start a brawl?  My problem is most of the time my favorite song is usually track 12 and most people probably never get that far into an album.

They trucked along playing mostly songs from their latest album “Absence.”  I bet they played 90% of that album.  They did reveal some new songs from an album they say is due out in September.  The new songs are concerning because they sound like they are trending to a pop punk sound.  My hope is that it just didn’t translate live.  My fear is I will listen once on Rhapsody and never listen again.

One interesting thing they did was come out and play an oldie, “Second Chances”, in the crowd.  Since there really is only a drum beat and singing, vocalist J.T. Daly and drummer Gavin Mcdonald were the only ones among the audience.  It is a soft song that everyone knows so everyone was singing along.  It was a nice addition to the show.

With a mixture of some old, new, and future songs the show was overall pretty good.  Playing for only a little over an hour I did not walk away feeling like I just saw the best show ever.  If you like “Absence” you will definitely enjoy this tour.  Make sure you catch them this time around though because I am not so sure about how the new album is going to sound.


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