Albums Worth Checking Out: Moving Mountains, Jack Penate

Below are a few albums that are worth checking out.  Added are samples for your listening pleasure.

Moving Mountains – Pneuma

If you heard Waves and thought Moving Mountains was just another Thrice knock off you would not be wrong by any means.  While not a horrible album they must have taken advice from the biggest Thrice fan who just wanted to hear more.  Please, I beg of you to check out their first offering “Pneuma” from 2007.  Post-rock meets alternative/emo is a good way to describe Pneuma.  The emotional vocals, the beautiful soundscapes, and the rawness of the production make the album so unique.  There is no Thrice influence or really any other band that you could say that they sound like.  That is one reason it was such a surprise to hear Waves and its heavy influences to more popular bands.  Two standout songs are 8105 and Sol Solis.


Jack Penate – Everything Is New

This album is tough to take out of the CD player.  Even though it is pretty short, when it is finished I start over from the beginning and do it all over.  Usually, if I spend money on an album that is only 33 minutes long I have some bashing to do.   I do think that an artist can do more than put out 33 minutes of music.  I will give Jack a pass here only because I like this record so much.  It is upbeat, optimistic and the title says everything you need to know.  “Everything is New” is a huge step in the right direction away from his debut effort “Matinee.”  Penate sheds the immature non serious act and shows what happens when a talented musician focuses.  If you like Foals or Friendly Fires this will be right up your alley.


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