An Evening with Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket

I waited a bit to write this review because I was worried if I wrote it right after the show it would be to full of positivity.  When reading reviews written by an obvious fanboy it is hard to read.  After a while you can figure out that no matter how good or bad the show was, the author would see it as great.  I am such a fan of both Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket I needed it to sit for a while.

The show started off with Band of Horses opening.  They had an hour to play their set.  Since I had seen them a couple times before, I was hoping to just get a few songs that I hadn’t heard live before.  They have a new album coming out in September, and I thought we might get a heavy dose of that album.  They elected to play only two new songs off of that album, Slow Cruel Hand and Everything’s Gonna Be Undone.”  They did indulge us with “Great Salt Lake” which is such a awesome song live.  There were some issues with the sound and I think it was their equipment.  They are good live, but when there are sound issues it really taints the performance.  Since they opened they only played an hour long set.  It was enough to get me excited about the new album and hopefully a headlining tour.

It was 8:00pm and the lights turned on.  The set up had begun for the main show.  About 30 minutes pass and there is some rumbling on stage.  The lights go off and out comes Jim James in a cape to the tune of “Master Plan.”  The master showman enters with a bang and gives us a glimpse of what is to come.

With such an original voice I wasn’t sure how it would translate live.  He exceeded my expectations.  There are so many times he needs to flip from a softer alt country style to a rocky croon.  It can’t be easy and he does it with what looks to be ease.

Sometimes when listening to MMJ, I pay so much attention to Jim James that I don’t even realize the work of the band in the background.  Seeing them live you really notice how many musical breaks and solos Carl Broemel has.  Everyone just works their ass off during the show.  It is evident they enjoy playing live music.

About 9:45pm I look at my watch and think to myself they don’t seem like they are stopping anytime soon.  One song would end and I would think to myself this is a great song to end on.  Then the song would end and they would start right into the next one.  The last 30 minutes or so featured songs off of “Circuital” and they ended with “One Big Holiday.”

The band was off the stage and it was pretty late.  Would they play an encore?  They just played a monster show.  How could they end without doing an encore.  I thought that maybe it was so long because they weren’t going to do an encore.  I didn’t have those thoughts very long because James came out on stage after just about a minute or two break.  He came out and talked about his St. Louis roots which always gets the crowd going and went into “I Will Be There When You Die.”  They ended the show by playing “I’m Amazed” and then “Phone Went West” for the closer.

After writing this review I realized I didn’t need to wait at all.  I could not think of anything negative about the show to make me tame my review.  It was an absolutely amazing show.  They played a 2 hr and 30 min show on top of an hour open from Band of Horses.  To add to that, the monster show spanned their entire catalog with even some covers in there.  Nowadays it costs a good amount of money to go to a concert.  Most of the time I leave longing for more because the band can’t muster up enough strength to be on stage for more than 75 minutes.  MMJ has restored my faith in the live musical event.

2 Responses to “An Evening with Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket”
  1. Mike says:

    Sounds like this was a great show! It’s a bummer that Band of Horses had some technical issues, their song Knock Knock off their upcoming album sounds/looks great on the video that went up on NPR. (Check it ou here if you haven’t seen it, it’s great! I hope I can see this bill soon, or MMJ and Band of Horses on their on soon, they’re both playing really well right now, I hope they keep it up!

    • You absolutely have to see Band of Horses on a headliner show. My advice is to find out where they are playing the closest college town with a smaller venue they are playing at. I have seen them now at a big venue, a festival(Lollapalooza), the Pageant in St. Louis which is a nice inside venue, and a medium inside hall in Columbia Missouri. They were by far their best in the college town in Columbia. They just seemed to feed off the energy of a smaller more intimate crowd. I think Bridwell had a smile on his face the whole time. You would love it.

      If MMJ come to town on this tour don’t miss it. Simply incredible!

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