2012 Release Notes: Alberta Cross & Minus the Bear


Alberta Cross – Songs of Patients

This is a different album than “Broken Side of Time.”  It has more of a poppy feel and it is much more produced.  The rough bluesy vibe is replaced with more of a catchy clean sound.  Cross has always had a catchy sound so the transition is pretty seamless.  The extra production doesn’t hold them back and the album is still pretty strong.  Songs like “Wasteland” and “Money for the Weekend” will make it onto radio stations and various television shows.  Fans of the older sound may not love the new direction, but songs like “Ophelia on My Mind” and “Bonfires” still have some of that old flavor to them.


Minus the Bear – Infinity Overhead

This album is definitely a “grower.”  The more and more I listen to it the better it gets.  They seemed to have fused some pre “Omni” with the more glitzy “Omni” sound.  I think it works pretty well.  After they released “Omni” many were put off and probably will never give this a chance.  That would be wrong.  While not the best record by Minus the Bear, “Infinity Overhead” has some real good qualities.  While “Omni” seemed to be more of a singles driven album Bear seems to have gone to a whole album approach.  No songs stick out yet to me, but I really like the album as a whole.


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