B-Sides, Unreleased and Rarities: Foals

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B-Sides, Unreleased, and Rarities:  Foals

Everyone wants more music from their favorite artists.  Many bands have unreleased material and B-sides that are released with singles that might go by unnoticed.  Below are a few songs that Foals released that were not on their two main releases “Antidotes” or “Total Life Forever.”  Enjoy listening to them on the video playlist.

The Chronic – Cassius Vinyl B-Side

Astronauts and All  – Clash Magazine SXSW UK Invasion compilation

Big Big Love (Fig1) – Mathletics Vinyl LP

Brazil is Here – Balloons Single

Dearth – Cassius B-Side/Gold Gold Gold EP

A Sketch for ESG – Red Socks Pugie Vinyl B-Side

Gold Gold Gold – Single EP

Decorium – Unreleased

Try This On Your Piano – Early unreleased song by Foals

The Forked Road – Miami EP

Wear and Tear – Miami Ep

Hummer – Antidotes Bonus Track


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