Artist Spotlight: Anathema

If you listen to Anathema’s catalog from the beginning you will have no idea you are listening to the same band by the last album “Weather Systems.”  Anathema began as a doom metal band with Darren White leading the way with his death vox.  Once White left the band guitarist Vincent Cavanagh took over the mic.  His vocal style changed the direction of the band.  They transitioned from the doom metal to a more clean vocal style with a sound closer to Radiohead or Pink Floyd.

Their albums “Alternative 4” “Judgement” “A Fine Day to Exit” and “A Natural Disaster” all kept to the slower atmospheric Pink Floyd progressive rock sound.  Anathema’s “A Natural Disaster” came out in 2004.  After that album they took some time off from making new LP’s.  Seven years later they came back with a new label and another tweak in direction on 2010’s “We’re Here Because We’re Here.”

Working with Steven Wilson on the new album, their sound took on more of an alt progressive turn.  The songs had more emotion and more life to them.  The album  was much bigger and there was much more happening than the other albums adding in elements of layered vocals and crescendos.  This year they released “Weather Systems” with yet again a different approach from anything they have done in the past.  This time they produced a concept album filled with soaring vocals and emotional moments that make your hair stand up on the back of your neck.

The transition from the doom sound was not a welcome transition from hardcore fans of the original Anathema sound, but most fans who embraced the change have enjoyed the musical journey Anathema has taken us through for the last 20 years.


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