B-Sides, Unreleased, and Rarities: City and Colour/Dallas Green

B-Sides, Unreleased, and Rarities:  City and Colour/Dallas Green

Everyone wants more music from their favorite artists.  Many bands have unreleased material, B-sides that are released with singles, special guest appearances, etc. that might go by unnoticed.  Below are a few songs that Dallas Green and City and Colour released that were not on any main records.  Enjoy listening to them in the videos below:

Make Believe – Little Hell bonus track

Cowgirl in the sand – Neil Young Cover

Missing – Sometimes bonus vinyl

Neverending White Lights- The Grace (Lead vocal since NWL does not do vocals)

Two Songs – Shad and Dallas (Green sings the hook)

Carry You Home – Nashville Skyline

The Gift – Run redo of “The Girl” for a kids show  

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