TME’s Favorite EP’s of 2012

EPs can be such a tease at times.  Most of the time it leaves you wanting more.  These 5 EPs are definitely in that category.  After listening to these you will be checking websites to see when a full length is going to be released.

1. Crosses – EP II


Chino Moreno can’t really do anything wrong.  He appeared on the list last year with the first Crosses EP and now does it again.


2. Alexisonfire – Death Letter


Dallas Green does it again.  He takes six Alexisonfire songs and turns them into acoustic gold.  Might not excite the Alexis fans, but the City and Colour fans will love it.


3.  Christian Alvestam – Self 2.0

Christian Alvestam_

My favorite part of Scar Symmetry has always been Alvestam.  I am fine with the growls, but it is his clean vocals I have always been a fan of.  In this solo debut he uses all clean vocals.  There is definitely an 80s thing going on in there.  Some of it is just like a toned down clean version of his other projects.  Real happy to see this come out.


4. Terraplane Sun – Friends EP

Terraplane Sun

I hear a lot of Foster the People influence in this EP.  Their older stuff was a little more 70’s, but this is a little more modern pop.


5. Burial – Kindred


It is only three songs but still weighs in at about 30 minutes.  It is dubstep with ghostly vocals done like only Burial can.  Any fan should have this one.


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