Local Natives Going National

I was having a conversation with my cousin a couple years back about this little known band I was really into.  They had a couple of really good songs and I told him that I thought they would blow up soon.  I said the name “Local Natives” to him and he said “yea that song ‘Airplanes’, I know them.”  He went on to tell me how they played one of their first live shows in his L.A. loft apartment.  It was then I realized how different a students life at USC is from my life in the Midwest.  We went on to talk about the band and agreed that they weren’t really well known, but expected great things from them.

A song on the new album by Local Natives is named “Ceilings.”  Ironically, this band does not have a ceiling.  They are on the cusp of joining bands like Band of Horses and Fleet Foxes at the top of the indie pop/rock genre.

Local Natives one new strength is their versatility.  They have gained the ability to get in a groove with a faster pace and slow it down to change up the feel.  Many bands have troubles with the transition of going from a fast song to a slow on on the album.  The transitions seem harsh and make the tracks seem separated from each other.  Even Local Natives had troubles with this on their first album “Gorilla Manor.”  Their upbeat faster paced songs off of their debut album “Gorilla Manor” were stellar.  The softer songs on that album were mostly average and made it a little boring as it went on.

On “Hummingbird” Local Natives matured their slower song writing.  They are more catchy and more interesting.  Group that along with the more upbeat songs keeping their originality and you get an album worth listening to all the way through over and over again.


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