Music Around the World: Australia


With bigger bands like AC/DC, INXS, Jet, and the new breakout Gotye the land down under has provided us with great listening enjoyment.  There are lesser known bands out of Australia you should know about as well.  The following give you a just a taste of the Australian music scene has to offer:


Boy & Bear 

Boy & bear are not exactly the most under the radar band.  They have received some radio play outside of Australia, but not enough pub that the casual music fan will recognize them.  Early in their career they had a Fleet Foxes feel to them, but with their latest effort from last year, Moonfire, they have added a Mumford & Sons folk element to that resulting in a new super catchy sound that has them garnering attention.  Will they stick with the new influences or revert back to their more folky style?  Keep an eye on them in the future to see.



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