B-Sides, Unreleased, & Rarities: Band of Horses


Georgia  – This is a single that BOH did.  It is a cover of the Cee Lo Green song “Georgia.”  The song features the University of Georgia marching band

Desperascoe – Infinite Arms Itunes Bonus Track

Unreleased Demo from 2004.  They went by the name of “Horses” back then.

Snow Song  (Became “The Snow Fall)

Bass song  (Early version of Our Swords)

Ghost Song  (Became “Wicked Gil”)

Part 2 Song  I believe this is linked somehow to Part 1 (Savannah Song)

Binding Time is a (Boat To Row)

Tour EP  – Pretty much a demo released in 2005

1. Savannah Part One (demo) (2:33)

2. The Snow Fall (demo) (4:00)

3. For Wicked Gill (demo) (2:55)

4. The Great Salt Lake (live) (4:50)

5. Billion Day Funeral (live) (5:23)

6. (Biding Time Is A) Boat Row (live) (3:44)

Don’t you take it too bad – Listen here

Plans – Band of Horses covering Grizzly Bear song “Plans.”  It appears on Grizzly Bear’s 2007 EP “Friend.”

Am I a Good Man – B side of “No One’s Gonna Love You” 7″ Vinyl single

Your Love is Forever – George Harrison Cover

I Lost My Dingle on the Red Line

The End is Not Near – This is a song from the the TV show “The OC.”  It appears on their mix 6 from 2006.  It is also on a single for “The Funeral.”

Life on Earth – “Eclipse Soundtrack” from the movie Twilight Eclipse

Mirage Rock Disc 2 Deluxe Edition:

1. Mirage Rock

2. Irmo Bats

3.  Relly’s Dream

4. Catalina

5. Bock

I also found a really cool cover of “Is there a Ghost” done by the Shout Out Louds.  They covered it in Swedish.  Listen here

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