Album Spotlight: Intuit by Ramona Falls

Ramona Falls is the brainchild of Brent Knopf, former member of Menomena.  Ramona Falls have released two brilliant albums so far.  The first album “Intuit” was released in 2009.  The music is big and bombastic while at the same time it is dark with so many pockets of sweet innocence.  Knopf has the ability to build with a soft tone even though the pace is uptempo and there is a ton going on.  The crescendo’s build and explode and sometimes they build into the next crescendo.  The curves the music takes makes the journey enjoyably unpredictable.

Knopf collaborated with 35 of his friends in various bands for “Intuit.”  He let them build and improvise on his original ideas.  Much of the finished product is Knopf, but if you listen close you can hear the the life the other artists ideas injected into the music.  There are numerous subtle fresh ideas in the background that bring all of this together.  It makes it a bit chaotic, but that is what gives it the charm.  A great example is the simple piano played in “Boy Ant” which takes you right into a faster paced piano start of “Always Right.”  After a while the chaos starts and it begins to feel like a circus where the elephant gets out of control.  That chaotic energy is reeled in and by the next track a sweet acoustic tune plays.  The songs are so different from one another, but they are all have the same charm.  This is an album that requires the headphones to notice all of the sounds Knopf wants you to hear.



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