TheMusicEdition introduces you to artists around the globe.


The Rumour Said Fire

Origin:  Denmark

Genre:  Indie Pop

Sub Genres:  Folk

Vocal style:  Harmonies

For fans of:  Simon and Garfunkel, The Helio Sequence, Fleet Foxes


The Eclectic Moniker

Origin:  Copenhagen, Denmark

Genre:  Indie Pop

Sub Genres:  Surf Rock, Afro Pop

Vocal style:  Soothing upbeat

For fans of:  Elbow, Beach Boys, Vampire Weekend



Origin:  Hellerup, Denmark

Label:  Evil Office

Genre:  Indie Rock

Sub Genres:  New Prog, Dream Pop

Vocal style:  High key male voice

From the bands mouth: “the world’s only indie stadium band”  Guitarist Bo Madsen

For fans of:  Muse, Mercury Rev, Dredg



Hometown:  Copenhagen

Label:  Universal

Genre:  Rock, Metal

Sub Genres:  Progressive rock, Thrash, Rockabilly

Vocal style:  Elvis

For fans of: Metallica, Elvis



Label:  Sony Records

Genre:  Rock

Sub Genres:  Alternative Rock

Vocal style:  Raspy

For fans of:  Wintersleep, Muse, Radiohead



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