Music Around the World: Australia

Australia With bigger bands like AC/DC, INXS, Jet, and the new breakout Gotye the land down under has provided us with great listening enjoyment.  There are lesser known bands out of Australia you should know about as well.  The following give you a just a taste of the Australian music scene has to offer: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ … Continue reading

Local Natives Going National

I was having a conversation with my cousin a couple years back about this little known band I was really into.  They had a couple of really good songs and I told him that I thought they would blow up soon.  I said the name “Local Natives” to him and he said “yea that song … Continue reading

TME’s Favorite Songs of 2012

The following songs are not in order of best to worst.  These are great tunes from last year that are worth checking out. Alabama Shakes – Hold On Alberta Cross – Money for the Weekend Alt-J – Tesselate Alt-J – Breezeblocks Anathema – Untouchable Part 1 & 2 Anathema – Dreaming Light Anders Osborne – … Continue reading

Albums TME is looking forward to in 2013

There are some real intriguing albums set to come out this year.  Many times releases get pushed back so check the band sites for the most accurate information as we get closer to the date.  I have listed some hopefuls and if even half of those bands release an album this year is going to … Continue reading

TME’s Favorite Albums of 2012

There were some surprises this year.  A couple albums came out of nowhere to be gems.  There were a couple that were highly anticipated that ended up being duds and did not make this list.  After looking at the list of favorites I would have only predicted about two of them to be in the top 10. … Continue reading

TME’s Favorite EP’s of 2012

EPs can be such a tease at times.  Most of the time it leaves you wanting more.  These 5 EPs are definitely in that category.  After listening to these you will be checking websites to see when a full length is going to be released. 1. Crosses – EP II Chino Moreno can’t really do anything … Continue reading

B-Sides, Unreleased, and Rarities: City and Colour/Dallas Green

B-Sides, Unreleased, and Rarities:  City and Colour/Dallas Green Everyone wants more music from their favorite artists.  Many bands have unreleased material, B-sides that are released with singles, special guest appearances, etc. that might go by unnoticed.  Below are a few songs that Dallas Green and City and Colour released that were not on any main records. … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Anathema

If you listen to Anathema’s catalog from the beginning you will have no idea you are listening to the same band by the last album “Weather Systems.”  Anathema began as a doom metal band with Darren White leading the way with his death vox.  Once White left the band guitarist Vincent Cavanagh took over the … Continue reading

B-Sides, Unreleased and Rarities: Foals

If you like this series try some of our other B-Sides articles on Band of Horses, City and Colour, or Mew B-Sides, Unreleased, and Rarities:  Foals Everyone wants more music from their favorite artists.  Many bands have unreleased material and B-sides that are released with singles that might go by unnoticed.  Below are a few … Continue reading

2012 Release Notes: Alberta Cross & Minus the Bear

  Alberta Cross – Songs of Patients This is a different album than “Broken Side of Time.”  It has more of a poppy feel and it is much more produced.  The rough bluesy vibe is replaced with more of a catchy clean sound.  Cross has always had a catchy sound so the transition is pretty … Continue reading