TME Favorite Albums of 2013: #10-1

Next Page:  List of #11-15 10.  Portugal The Man – Evil Friends Not a huge fan of the last few albums.  PTM put out albums so often there is going to be a few that you really connect with and a few that you don’t.  This is a little more accessible to the average fan.  … Continue reading

TME Favorite Albums of 2013: #16-20

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TME Favorite Albums of 2013: #21-25

Next Page:  List of #16-20 25.  Jon Gomm – Secrets Nobody Keeps Jon is pretty amazing.  He does things with his acoustic guitar most could only dream of doing.  If you don’t believe me check out the YouTube video _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 24.  Iron & Wine – Ghost on Ghost This is the most enjoyable Iron & … Continue reading

TME’s Favorite Albums of 2011: #25-20

25.  Moving Mountains – Waves A couple years ago “Pneuma” was a top 5 album.  This time around the change in sound did not quite produce the same standout album. Solid effort and the new direction will be a plus for anyone who likes Thrice and is looking for something similar. ________________________________________________________ 24.  Trivium – … Continue reading